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How to overcome a fear of flying with 'junk' psychology

June 26, 2015

Yesterday Captain Tom Bunn left a comment on my ‘Easy Turbulence’ video on YouTube referring to My Sunny Mind’s methods as “junk psychology”. Quite naturally I’ve taken issue with this claim because not only have I had a great deal of success both personally and with the many clients I’ve seen over the last 10 years, but of course there’s the millions of people around the world who’ve been positively affected by modern alternative-therapies. And let’s not forget either the virtues of such classic practices as mindfulness meditation which were first introduced into the West during the 18th century yet date back to early Buddhist texts and traditions.  Now unfortunately, Tom’s YouTube/Google+ account is set up so that no one...

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How to create brilliant self-help visualizations, meditations & hypnosis audio downloads (CD/MP3s). That work! Part 2

June 17, 2015

The next stage in the creation of an effective meditation or guided visualization is to record the music that sits behind the voice. This for me is a very separate process. I'm continually producing and recording pieces of music completely independent of a script or subject (before putting them away for later use). When I then need some music I will look through my library and select what I feel is most apt. Some tunes will work better with certain scripts and my final choice here is very much an intuitive one. For example, the refreshing uplifting feel of the music for the "Mind Clean" title meant that it suited that theme perfectly.  When I initially write the music for...

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How to create brilliant self-improvement visualizations, meditations & hypnosis audio downloads (MP3/CDs). That work!

June 08, 2015

I was out playing with my son at the local park last week and I got chatting with a fellow parent about guided visualizations. Now just as I was about to leave and take my son home for his dinner, the friendly parent asked me how I actually created my visualizations. "What was the inspiration behind them… how do you choose a particular subject… how did the music come into being?" I sat there for a few moments thinking: "Hmmm, how can I answer this question as simply and concisely as possible in the very short time I have available?" I looked at my curious inquisitor, smiled, and said "with love". Choosing a visualization The process of producing a self-help...

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