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The Soothing Sounds of Life

April 20, 2018

"The Soothing Sounds of Life" are coming soon to take you into even deeper levels of relaxation. Watch this space... ;o)

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London Real & The Power of Positive Suggestion

December 18, 2015

About a year or so ago I’d been wanting to go on a health-kick for a number of different reasons… Now fast forward to today, and after a couple of 40 day cleanses and the successful training and completion of the 2015 Hollywood Half Marathon I finally feel that perhaps I'm heading in the right direction. I am you could say (after producing bucketloads of self-improvement MP3s and spending 1000s of hours with hypnosis clients) finally walking the walk and talking the talk. Yet the peculiar thing is, it hasn’t been my lifestyle, age or (comparatively recent) fatherhood that has motivated me to change, but a simple title from a London Real podcast episode: “Your Diet Is Killing You”.   “Your Diet Is Killing You” is...

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Terrorism, Fear & The Subconscious Mind

December 10, 2015

I read an article by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett this week in The Guardian entitled: "Let's Be Honest About Terrorist Attacks, They Make Us Feel Scared". It was a most interesting read, as were many of the comments that followed it. You can see it here. The article reminded me (as I've alluded to before both on this blog and with my various clients) how important it is for us to continue to operate from the conscious part of the brain. When we run our lives from here, then we are being rational and intellectual in our thinking and decision making. It is when we are in this 'higher' state of mind that we can see that the chances of us being involved in any terrorist attack (or indeed...

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