"A stress-free journey to the subconscious mind." (A Visualization Script)

Here's a relaxing script I wrote awhile ago that one of these days I'll make into an MP3. In the meantime feel free to record it for yourself if you get the inclination. Remember though that the language is hypnotic in nature and so under no circumstances should you listen back or read this whilst driving or operating heavy machinery... 


"...Ok, so to begin all you need to do is get comfortable, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax your jaw… and now relax your fingers… and now relax your feet… take another fresh breath and allow your whole body to be still… calm… relaxed… 

Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth... 

And now counting to 4 as you breathe in and 4 as you breathe out I want you to take a slow, easy deep breath. 1, 2, 3, 4… 4, 3, 2, 1.

And now a second breath… long and slow - still counting to 4 as you breathe in and 4 as you breathe out - just be aware of the coolness of the in-breath and the warmness of the out-breath… 

And finally a 3rd slow deep breath…  

Deeper and deeper, you’re feeling more and more relaxed…And as you lie here feeling so at ease, you realise what a wonderful place this is to come to. To take stock, to re-vitalize, and to take control of any stress by simply breathing deeply and relaxing completely.  

Drifting, drifting - you’re letting go now of any blocks or barriers to learning and every positive suggestion that you hear will sink deeply down into the unconscious part of your mind with lasting effect... 

Ahhh: the unconscious mind – what a superb job it does of taking care of us… of looking out for us. It controls our bodily functions and organs and it maintains this amazing library of everything that has ever happened to us - a library of personal information that all our everyday thoughts and behaviors are based upon… Brilliant things can and do happen in our mind you know? 

Now your unconscious is also the place from where all stress and anxiety originates… I mean one does not consciously decide to be stressed. One consciously… intellectually… decides to de-stress… to relax… now! 

So let’s see what can be done to decrease those levels of stress… If you will, I’d like you to accompany me on a journey, a journey to the deepest part of your unconscious mind. 

So just imagine yourself going there now as easily and as effortlessly as you like… Going inside and floating and drifting down, deeper and deeper down…drifting and floating. 

Perhaps like an intrepid explorer traversing through a watery jungle of roots and branches in the Amazon, or an astronaut floating in the quietness of space or a lone yachtsman bobbing on a vast ocean of life… getting to where you need to go as gently as a petal falling from a flower. (Drifting and floating… deeper and deeper down.) 

It feels so good to discover and to learn about this place that is soooo close. This place that is part of you. (Your primitive mind!) 

How fascinating it is as you drift down into the avenues of your unconscious and witness the hybrid of activity that is happening here: clusters of neurons and atoms whizzing up and down neural networks… millions and trillions of chemical reactions and nerve cells all working for your greater good. (The engine room of your soul.) 

A wise man once dreamt of the electrons in his brain creating a huge television screen in the deepest part of his unconscious mind with many words and images flashing across this screen too fast for one to consciously see. Perhaps you can imagine something similar? 

These words and images are information being transmitted to different parts of your mind and body - your unconscious is always watching over you, you know… always driving you… nurturing and caring for you… at all times. 

How fascinating and wonderful you find the workings of your inner mind, because now you understand now that when you’re being happy, positive and motivated your brain produces lots of serotonin and dopamine – these are chemical responses in your brain that make you feel successful, secure and healthy. 

And you also see that when you’re feeling unnecessarily anxious the primitive unconscious part of your brain produces lots of adrenalin that in turn causes stress. 

A little anxiety is ok sometimes in everyday life for our protection and survival, but too much simply has no use at all. And so from this moment on you decide to let any excess stress just simply fade away, to de-stress completely. 

So delete those negative images and words on that screen and instead highlight those images of just how you would like to be. Feeling calm, feeling relaxed, being in-control… 

Your unconscious mind is always willing to learn and to do whatever it needs to protect you, for that is its highest purpose. And you realise now that you have all the resources and understandings you need from deep within to dissolve stress into nothing… 

So do that now: just allow the ‘stress production factory’ from within to slow down, to fade away and for all those neural networks to re-align in just the right way for that screen in your inner mind to show only your favorite programs of your brilliant self…

And now, I’d like you to float higher and higher to the intellectual part of your brain. To that part of you where you have complete control and power, to that part of you where you’re able to assess and deal with any stressful situation that might arise with a calm and positive mind. 

So drift high now to the summit of your intellectual brain, and experience what an amazing place this is to operate from. Stress has no part in our lives when we operate from the conscious intellectual part of our mind. 

So float there now to this wise place you know so well, and as you enjoy this tremendous vantage point, I’d like you to look a little way into the future, and I want you to witness the new you carrying on in a happy stress free manner. 

See yourself enjoying an easy stress free life right now. Feeling so in-control, so vital and so alive… 

Your work is pleasurable and comes easily to you now, and at home you enjoy going about your tasks in an eager yet relaxed manner. See yourself there right now. 

Nothing fazes you anymore, and what greater balance and harmony you now have. Your positive and you’re moving forward now without any restrictions or barriers - achieving your goals and realizing your dreams and ambitions easily and effortlessly. 

You approach stressful situations now in a peaceful and relaxed way, and you express yourself in a constructive and easy manner. Just enjoy these thoughts and feelings now… See what your see, hear what your hear and feel what your feel…

And from this turret of knowledge you realise how amazed your family and friends are at this wonderful transformation that has taken place within you. A problem shared is a problem halved and your relationships are now rich and full of understanding. 

You see different points of view now, and you understand that having greater flexibility and awareness means having greater influence and control. And you realise that sometimes it’s best not to invest yourself totally in those areas in which you only have partial influence. 

And as you continue to watch the new you, you see that you have all the resources you need from deep within to succeed. So from now on there will be no more excuses, only results, and there will be no more failures, only feedback. 

You prioritize your problems, sorting out what really matters in your life - setting goals and making plans and no longer concerning yourself with those things that you cannot control. 

You speak up and openly now with a calm, considered authority. You focus on positive thoughts and the pleasant things that happen to you. 

You find more leisure time for yourself, and you realise the importance of deep relaxation, of daily exercise, of a good 7 or 8 hours sleep every night, of eating healthily and of a steady routine. 

You realise that by taking charge of your mind, you’ve reduced stress in a calm and a relaxed way. By operating from your conscious mind you have greater control over your thoughts, behaviours and emotions, and you can deal with any situation in a calm and relaxed way. 

Life is easy when we run our lives intellectually. So just enjoy now being the strong, confident, relaxed and stress free person that you that you already are! 

So now, when you’re confronted with a stressful situation, you pause and breathe deeply and gather your thoughts and look and listen and evaluate the situation from a number of different perspectives and you deal with it in a calm and constructive way. 

The way you were dealing with things in the past just wasn’t working for you and now you have the knowledge and the tools to deal with any situation that might arise... 

So perhaps for a moment, you can imagine a stressful time you may have encountered in the past and you can see how well the-future-you deals with it right now. 

By breathing deeply, gathering your thoughts and evaluating it from all the right angles… It’s so much easier to deal with now, and in fact it might not even seem like a stressful situation at all. 

(Time gives us all kinds of new perspectives – and you may find that last weeks problems just seem so insignificant or at least different now do they not?) 

And so as you enjoy this brilliant new you from this mountain peak of your mind - I want to share a secret with you - the future is already here, and that person is already you. 

So become what you are and step into this future brilliant image of a stress free you and feel the new you connecting and radiating and integrating with your entire being. 

From the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes, just feel all those neurons and atoms whizzing around – making the precise neurological connections that are needed to awaken those brilliant resources from deep within. 

Imagine yourself looking down on that screen deep in your unconscious mind which is flashing and relaying all those positive images and signals and words of the new stress free you. 

Faster and faster, and then even faster. 

Eventually the screen clears and the words:  “I’m ready” appear in large letters... Yes, you are ready… You are ready now to de-stress and deal successfully with any problems in a calm and relaxed and intelligent way. I’m ready… I’m ready.

In a moment I’m going to count up from 1 to 10 and with each number you will become more awake, and on the count of 9 you will open your eyes and on the count of 10 you will be wide awake. 

You may choose though to continue relaxing here knowing that when you eventually do awake you will be feeling refreshed and invigorated and able to deal with any situations that might arise in a calm and considered many.

So 1,2,3, just begin to bring your awareness back into the room, 4,5,6, just start to stretch and move a little and 7,8, 9 open your eyes open your eyes, and 10 your wide awake. Wide awake.


(c) 2015 Charles Whobrey / My Sunny Mind

Charles Whobrey
Charles Whobrey


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