How To Cope With Coronavirus Stress Syndrome

March 11, 2020

How To Cope With Coronavirus Stress Syndrome

Turn on the news, go online, chat with co-workers or simply speak with friends and you’ve no doubt noticed that the Coronavirus is currently all that everyone is talking about, thinking about, and… reacting to! Whether it be news clips of people fighting over toilet paper in a Colorado Costco, or yet another update as to the amount of new cases in Italy, when these reactions start affecting our daily lives, then it turns into what is now known as the Coronavirus Stress Syndrome.

The Coronavirus Stress Syndrome is basically an intense and overwhelming anxiety caused by all of the coverage and fear surrounding Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

A number of physicians have created a (Coronavirus) stress test. They postulate that if you have 3 or more of the following symptoms, then you have the Coronavirus Stress Syndrome:

  • Anxiety (Your anxious of catching Covid-19 and of it killing you)
  • Obsessed With News About The Virus (You find yourself spending long periods of time watching or reading anything you can get your hands on about the virus)
  • Checking Frequently (You’re constantly checking to see how many people have died, and where the Coronavirus is currently increasing / manifesting)
  • Avoiding People (You find yourself avoiding people, and / or avoiding places with large crowds. In extreme cases you may even find yourself crossing the street (for example) to avoid people you suspect may have actually come into contact with the Coronavirus; or avoiding people you think may come from a country which has a high number of cases)
  • Avoid Any Touching (You find yourself obsessively and negatively thinking about everything your touching)
  • Stockpiling (You’re buying excessive amounts of (perhaps unnecessary) supplies.)
  • Calling Into Work Sick, When You Are Not Sick!
  • Wearing A Mask (Guidelines have clearly shown us that the use of masks is really for people who already have the virus to help them stop spreading it. Yet you feel the need to wear one)
  • Staying Home Until The Pandemic Has Passed

The irony in all of this of course is that all this extra stress and anxiety can lower your immune system so causing you to get sick! When we have a weakened immune system we are more susceptible to colds, the regular flu, and of course Covid-19.

What can you do to relieve Coronavirus Stress Syndrome?

As with any stress relief programs or exercises, the simplest are normally the most effective. There are great benefits then in walking, meditating, listening to relaxing music, thinking positively and distracting ourselves by partaking in a happy hobby or similar.

Meanwhile, My Sunny Mind has produced an anti-anxiety pack which has proved tremendously effective in lowering unnecessary stress and panic. It can be found by clicking here.

Furthermore, continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle - if you’re not already doing so, then it’s never too late to start! Eat nutritious food, take vitamins, get a good night’s sleep, do a little exercise everyday (such as walking!). Of course you want to take precautions and continue to pay attention to the WHO or CDC Covid-19 directives (such as making sure we wash our hands and avoiding unnecessary travel to high risk areas). BUT, you also want to avoid fear mongering by both the media, and those closest to you (who sometimes can frighten you more than anything else). You need to remind yourself to keep any anxiety in perspective: Even if you do test positive for Covid-19, the probability of having severe complications or it even killing you are incredibly low. For over 99% of people afflicted, it's just going to be like the flu.

Be mindful and continue to live your life.



Coronavirus Facts and Fiction:

  • Covid-19 is MUCH deadlier than the flu? FICTION. The WHO organization announced the mortality rate is 3.4%, but we’re still in the early stages of the Coronavirus. As we find more cases that figure will naturally decrease. The countries with the most recorded cases already have a lower mortality rate. Over time, as you also take into account asymptomatic individuals and those with mild illness who’ve not been tested at all, then the actual figure is expected to be much closer to the 0.1% mortality rate of flu.
  • Adults with pre-existing condition are at a greater risk? FACT. Older people and those with pre-existing conditions are at greater risk. Currently those aged between 70-79 have an 8% mortality rate. Those who are 80+ have a 14.8% mortality rate. Meanwhile, as far as pre-existing conditions are concerned, heart disease is number one in terms of risk factor, followed by diabetes and then chronic lung disease.
  • Children cannot catch Covid-19? FICTION. Yes, they can catch it and are just as susceptible as adults. However, children typically experience only mild illness and are much LESS likely to have complications/ death.
  • You can Get Covid-19 twice? There’s a question mark over this, but currently there’s no significant data to indicate this to be fact.
  • Is it safe to travel? Depends on who and where. China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea are all level 1 in places to avoid; Japan is level 2; everywhere else is “safe”. (As I write this now, Trump has just suspended all incoming flights from Europe and Tom Hanks has just tested positive in Australia). The elderly and those with chronic health conditions should postpone any travel for now; and it’s probably best if everybody avoids cruise ships.
  • The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands? FACT. Hand washing is the most effective way of preventing ALL infectious disease spread. We need to understand that we’re in a global community and we must be responsible humans. This means washing your hands, using proper respiratory etiquette, and staying home when your sick.

Move forward with information and not fear.




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