Heart Care 101: The 5 Keys To Maintaining A Healthy Heart NATURALLY!

February 21, 2020

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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the Western World and simply addressing 5 key areas can make a huge difference in improving health and increasing life expectancy. Change though can be daunting or scary - we like our comfort zones. For many, an unhealthy lifestyle manifests slowly over time, beyond our conscious awareness, until one day we “wake up” and find ourselves stuck in negative patterns and behaviors.

Taking personal responsibility for our health before we have any major issues will increase our life expectancy. In the past, physicians diagnosed and treated coronary disease after it had already occurred - we’ve now come to realize though that preventative measures are also the most effective measures. Just imagine if you could flick a switch inside that embraced a new healthier lifestyle… Well you can, and it’s nowhere near as daunting or as scary as you might think. We humans have a tremendous capacity to adapt and to create change… to take control. The first step is just realizing this. By addressing the following 5 key areas not only will you be strengthening your heart and health, but you will also be increasing your happiness and emotional resolve as well.

The first key area to address is SLEEP! Good quality sleep equals healthy strong arteries. Aim to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. When we sleep are body recovers, re-cooperates and heals. When we sleep any excess stress we may be holding is kept in-check. So turn off the TV, turn off the internet, and go to bed at the same time every night – I think you’ll agree that a snug bed and pillow can be soooo enticing!

The second key area in maintaining a strong heart is to EAT HEALTHY FOODS, and in particular… “SUPER FOODS”! By eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts you’ll be giving your heart a rest by lowering your cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure and lowering your blood sugar levels. And of course, a healthy diet will also mean you’ll reach your optimum weight as well – so further benefiting your heart. A little research online and you will discover an array of mouthwatering tasty dishes and recipes. (Feel free to share some in the comments section below if you wish). Treat your body like the temple it is! Your body works better when it’s fueled by the cleaner plant-based foods, so say goodbye today to trans fats, processed food and excessive dairy. Seeds and whole grains are just the coolest things you know…

The third key area is EXERCISE! Exercising is a great deal of fun on so many different levels. Not only physically, but also mentally, the benefits of regular exercise are enormous! Imagine yourself right now exercising for about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Running, swimming, walking, even mowing the lawn or vacuuming the house – it all counts! And if this seem like a lot exercise, well it won’t when it becomes a habit and just another part of your daily routine. Remember that a little activity is better than no activity at all. Even standing or walking while chatting on the phone or watching TV can make a big difference. So get active today! 

The fourth key area is to… DEVELOP GOOD HABITS! Bad habits such as smoking, comfort eating, and excessive drinking are all bad for the heart - and many of us wish we could STOP - yet we find ourselves hopelessly stuck. But not anymore more! There are many natural therapies, resources and programs available which can help us break these negative patterns and behaviors. Better habits CAN be easily learnt, one does not have to rely on fear, will-power or drugs. You can even begin to instill new (healthy) behaviors right now… think of a positive goal for a few seconds, and then later today think of the same goal again for another few seconds, and then even later today think of this goal one more time. Keep doing this periodically. A mind needs to be trained like a body - it reacts to repetition. This positive goal image will serve as an attracting force to your subconscious mind (the source of all our negative behaviors), and eventually, healthy positive habits will become your “normal”.

You can learn more about how the subconscious mind operates here.

The fifth and final key area in maintaining a healthy heart is to MEDITATE MORE! Simply going into a calm, focused meditative state regularly can have a profound effect upon your life. The mind-body connection is a strong one and devoting a little time to relaxation can be a very effective way of re-aligning yourself while gaining greater balance and harmony. The negative effects of stress have been well documented. Not only mentally, but also physically, the link between stress and heart disease is a real one. The stress resulting from the chaos of our daily lives can cause not only minor issues such as the common cold, but also increased blood pressure, and ultimately heart attacks and strokes. So be kind to your mind, body and heart by finding a quiet space to just… turn off, relax, breathe deeply and… MEDITATE.

So there you have it. Five natural key areas which if acted upon will dramatically improve your heart health. And do remember: prevention is always preferable to treatment.

I’d like to finish this blog with a little exercise that will only take a few moments... I’d like you to imagine yourself sometime in the future having addressed all these five key areas, and so creating the SUPER YOU! Just for a minute or two, get comfortable, straighten your back, relax your jaw, close your eyes and take two long deep breaths. (Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.) And now, just imagine yourself sleeping well… eating healthily… exercising regularly, living positively and meditating daily. Just see what your see, hear what your hear and feel what your feel, and just allow all of these positive images to drift around your breath for a few moments (And of course do not do this visualization if you’re driving or in fact doing anything that requires your full attention). Nice eh!? Thoughts really do become things. And remember that every journey begins with the smallest step, so be kind with yourself… keep peace with soul. Progress is always more important than perfection!

I’ve created an audio meditation based on this article which you can listen to here. The idea of this visualization is to create positive change at the subconscious level so creating a more appealing healthier blueprint of yourself.

As always, thanks for reading!






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