London Real & The Power of Positive Suggestion

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About a year or so ago I’d been wanting to go on a health-kick for a number of different reasons… Now fast forward to today, and after a couple of 40 day cleanses and the successful training and completion of the 2015 Hollywood Half Marathon I finally feel that perhaps I'm heading in the right direction. I am you could say (after producing bucketloads of self-improvement MP3s and spending 1000s of hours with hypnosis clients) finally walking the walk and talking the talk. Yet the peculiar thing is, it hasn’t been my lifestyle, age or (comparatively recent) fatherhood that has motivated me to change, but a simple title from a London Real podcast episode: “Your Diet Is Killing You”.


Your Diet Is Killing You” is a most interesting LR episode where special guest Ben Pratt informs us how badly we (the general public) are eating. It’s a treasure trove of all kinds of useful nutritional insights. After watching it a couple of years ago I could sense the title hovering around me (from somewhere deep within my subconscious). Upon ordering that double cheeseburger: “your diet is killing you”… That lunchtime soda: “your diet is killing you”... Those Sour Cream & Onion Pringles: “your diet is killing you”… Yet whilst this ‘affirmation’ followed me everywhere I didn’t really do much about it until about a year or so ago when I suddenly thought: “wow, my diet is killing me”. Those nagging little words had blossomed into my (higher) consciousness and soon after I began my first 40 day cleanse and signed up for the Hollywood Half Marathon.


This whole experience got me thinking about what I do, the self-improvement meditations I produce, and the clients I see. Is there really some kind of magic-wand at play here where I give it a quick wave and people are changed upon hearing my words? Of course not; people have to want to change and then they have to take action and work towards that change. But rather than the overt change-work I do with my personal clients, I started thinking about subconscious change and how sometimes it’s what we hear when we’re not looking to change  that proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’ve done Stop-Smoking sessions with people that haven’t worked… well not immediately anyway. Someone stops smoking for only a day and is disappointed. I’m disappointed! The session work has been done, the visualisations have been listened to and… life goes on as before. Then 6 months later out of the blue I get a phone call. “Charles, I want to thank-you, great news. I quit”. Sometimes suggestions, ideas, perspectives need time to fester… to settle. Your diet is killing you. And that got me thinking back again to London Real.


If you’re in-flow with your own truth, then doors open effortlessly. This quote from London Real guest Peter Sage has stuck with me for a quite a while now. Often I find myself sometimes using brute force or will power to try to get to where I want to be. It never works. However, when I close my eyes and think of this quote and take a few long lingering deep breaths, then suddenly everything seems so much more effortless. Of course those doors may still not open, but it doesn’t matter anymore if you’re in-flow with your own truth. Those doors were never meant to open…


The Peter Sage quote is just one of number of little nuggets of inspiration I’ve heard from various guests on London Real. The show’s original tag line stated that: “it’s about the journey” and I couldn’t agree more either from my own personal voyage or the insight I pass on to people in my circle. So when I hear Tim Freke say on London Real that “ Socrates is a big hero of mine because he knew he knew nothing” then I just nod (unconsciously). How powerful it is to be humble. Or when Daniel H Pink tells us that “we’re all natural salespeople… because we’re human each of us has a selling instinct, which means that anyone can master the basics of moving others” then I think: “yes I can, yes I will”. Moving forward. Possibility.


And if I’m feeling uninspired with my visualizations or MP3s, I think of the Tim Ferris London Real episode when he tells us that “If you can generate one idea you can generate more”. Indeed, I’ve even quoted this to clients on a number of occasions in my private clinical sessions. I find it amazing that even top Hollywood script-writers need to be given a little nudge once in a while. Or is it? It’s not rocket science of course but it’s always good to remind people of their capabilities and what comes naturally.


Living in LA I come across a lot of artistes who for one reason or another have given up on the dream. I often think about the David Allen episode when he said: ”The people who procrastinate the most, are the most sensitive, creative and intelligent people”. This is a great re-frame - something of an insult with a positive slant! I can feel the shift when I quote this to clients. And so it is that these (and other) ‘off-the-cuff’ comments from London Real episodes unexpectedly worm themselves into both my professional and personal life. Conversations, theories, arguments and words festering deep within my subconscious, waiting to be triggered by something random. Waiting… So until then and until the next blog always remember: “it’s about the journey”...

And don't forget: “your diet is killing you”.




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