Mango, Tango and Other Common Uses of Hypnosis

April 24, 2019

common uses of hypnosis

Once upon a time, a friend of mine who sells essential oils was telling me about an article he had written about hemp oil and mango, and all I could think was "well what an unlikely combination that seems to be!" However, at the same time as he was writing about hemp and mango, I was recording a hypnosis visualization for Oxygen Tango and it occurred to me how sometimes opportunity lies in the most unlikely of places.

So I started to think about other random things that might sit well with hypnosis - hypnosis & this or hypnosis & that… In fact, why don't YOU have a think of some random things right now... what did you come up with? Hypnosis and ...?? Yes I thought so, you probably came up with something that was just plain daft! This exercise made me think how sometimes hypnosis gets a bad rap with its claims that it can help just about anything...*

(*And I do have to say that I don't feel completely re-assured when I see some of these websites with 100+ titles covering just about every condition known to man…)

The Wonder Of Hypnosis

...HOWEVER, the reason that hypnosis has so many applications is that most problems / issues / behaviors / conditions etc are a result of the high levels of stress that we hold and the imperfect pictures that we paint in our mind... And, hypnosis is a most effective drug-free way of reducing these anxieties and creating positive thought. Best selling author Napoleon Hill was correct when he simply said: "What the mind of man can conceive… it can achieve".

So the problem for me around hypnosis, is not hypnosis itself (for hypnosis is only a process) but rather the bad practitioners of it. Some hypnotists have only done a 'one week (-end) accelerated learning course' and somehow they feel, or are certainly told, that they're now qualified to 'heal' the world. On the other hand I also have a problem with a great deal of traditional therapies which can be so disempowering and S L O W ! "You mean I have to sit here for the next 2+ years to be eventually told that I'm angry because of something my father said to me when I was 5 years old?!" We are a great deal more resourceful then we think we are, and we have a tremendous ability to bounce back in shorter time spans then perhaps we are led to believe.

Hynosis + Mango = Healthier Eating

But I digress. I was talking about hypnosis and… mango! So how well do they sit together? Well imagine the next time you reach for that ice cream or bag of chips... wouldn't you feel so much healthier if you reached for a juicy mango instead? I'm not advising that, just suggesting. ;o) Happy eating.

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