Welcome to My Sunny Mind

Hello and welcome to the brand new, re-designed My Sunny Mind website!  Over the next few weeks and months I'll be regularly posting all kinds of interesting blogs here that I'm sure will resonate with your sunny mind.

So besides our shiny new website, the big news here at My Sunny Mind is we've finally released our Relaxed Flying Series: 7 exquisitely produced visualizations now mixed and mastered and ready to help. So any nervous flyers out there need worry no more! These MP3 downloads really are on the cutting edge of audio self-help technology. You can read more about them here. We believe that there's nothing else quite like our Relaxed Flying Series on the market, but if you think there is, then please do direct us to it... We want to know about it! The more people and products there are helping people to fly confidently and easily can only be a good thing.

Still available to download of course is our complete range of relaxing meditations. Including our best sellers: 'Relax & Let Go' and 'Mind Clean' - which are now also available as part of our Balanced Life Series (which you can learn more about here). I can't express enough how beneficial it is to simply take some time out to properly relax (regardless of any negative behaviors or habits one might have). 

Finally, if you have any specific areas you want My Sunny Mind to write about or address then please do email us or leave a comment. And indeed, if you want to add a blog on our site then do email it to us. We love that! So until the next time, thanks for visiting. We're looking forward to spending time with you.

Charles (director, My Sunny Mind).