Driving Range Golf Coach

This MP3 audio download has been designed specifically to be used while practicing at the driving range. Incorporating guided visualizations, neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) and the latest mind-body-recording techniques… hit great golf shots now!

Be mentally ready and play great golf 

As well as a certain amount of physical control, playing great golf also requires mental preparation. It is now recognized by golfers and coaches throughout the world that positive visualizations and self-talk provide this concentration and control.  If two golfers are equal in physical talent then it will be the one with the greater mental preparation who will prevail. 

Mental preparation increases confidence,  and the more confident golfer will always beat the less confident one. A more focused mind means less anxiety, better course management and more consistent strokes, i.e. less choking! A healthy mind leads to a greater will to win and a greater motivation to improve. A positive outlook maximizes our inner drive which in turn maximizes our drives out on the fairway! 

Better golf and the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and actuality. When we imagine something to be happening it is exactly the same as it happening for real! Our skills improve with repeated physical practice and studies have shown that mental practice can be just as effective. The advantage of mental practice is that the golf drives in our head are perfect every time. Our muscles remember strokes as if we're performing them for real.

Your own personal golf coach

This download is incredibly unique in that it has been designed to be used while actually practicing out on the driving range. Imagine your own personal coach golf coach whispering techniques and motivating words in your ear - reminding you of the mind-body connection and the relaxed flow of a perfect drive. Furthermore, this My Sunny Mind audio aid can also be listened to with great effect in the comfort of your own home where you can mentally rehearse perfect shots.  This download gives you the rhythm and balance to take your game up to the next level. 

The tailor made running time of 25 minutes means that this MP3 is just the right length for you to hit a bucket of golf balls during your lunch break or in-between meetings. Perfect! 


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