Mind Clean

Recharge your batteries… extinguish negativity… create space… This 25 minute MP3 audio download takes you on a wonderful meditative journey from your inner heart to the outer universe - leaving you with the ultimate mind clean!

Unclutter your mind and release negativity

As we journey through life we pick up all kinds of negative baggage as we attempt to live the best we can. Regret, sadness, anger, guilt, jealousy and fear are just a few of the emotions we have to cope with as we try and deal with such things as disappointment, loss, forgiveness and low self-esteem… As we strive towards a better balance in our lives, sometimes it feels like we're constantly swimming upstream as the demands we make on ourselves and the stresses of everyday living adversely affect us.

Learn to love yourself

The most significant relationship we will ever have is actually the one with ourselves. A wise man once said "wherever you go, there you are" and while we sometimes may get the urge to run away from particular experiences or to change people around us, the greatest and most effective change we can make is from within and to the relationship we have with ourself. How can we expect others to love us if we don't love ourselves? How can we expect to fix something if we feel broken? Sometimes we are indeed are own worst enemy.

A return to innocence

Everything we perceive outside of us is a projection from inside of us. Radiate happiness and feel its warm glow reflecting back. We were born pure and innocent, but life has a methodical way of eroding our beauty - often without us even realizing it. In the business of living it is easy to lose sight of what we once were and where we originally came from. 

Embrace who you are

This My Sunny Mind MP3 download re-aligns our thinking as we're reminded to forgive and to accept and to embrace who we are as we let go of any negativity that we're still holding onto. There's a lesson in everything we do and in everything we've done and the universe is a mirror reminding us of our brilliance, abundance and strength. So sit back, relax and learn to unconditionally love yourself again by opening up to the beauty of the universe and the warmth of the heart.

Mind Clean is now also available as part of the Balanced Life Series. The BLS comprises of 6 healthy feel good visualizations and costs only $39. Click here


"Hello My Sunny Mind. I just wanted to write and tell you how beautifully tranceful your 'Mind Clean' download is. I've been listening to it for about a week now and I can literally feel the chaos in my head emptying out. Thank you thank you." (Klaus, Culver City, USA)

"Charles, your Mind Clean MP3 is amazing! Since I've been listening to it and working with you, my personal life and work life has completely transformed. I feel so much more confident now at dealing with whatever life brings up, and at work I've gone from also-ran to the one of the top salespeople in the country. I'm not quite sure where I'd be without you and your MP3. Thank you so much!" (Cindy, Thousand Oaks, USA) (more testimonials)



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