Coping with Economic Anxiety & Financial Stress. A Guided Visualization Meditation Hypnosis Resource.

Eradicate any fears or anxiety you may have concerning the economy or your own personal financial situation with this incredibly relaxing MP3 audio download. Using the latest techniques in mind-body- science, repeated listens will leave you feeling powerful, in-control and ready to deal with any financial stress.

Hard Times For An Honest Man

We are constantly reminded through the media what difficult times we are living in. Higher unemployment, bankrupt companies, falling house prices and plummeting stock markets. Living in these modern times means dealing with a constant bombardment of dismal economic forecasts as we flirt with recession. It's little wonder then that many of us lie awake in bed at night worrying about what the future holds, where our next pay check is coming from, and how out retirement plan is doing (if indeed we even have one). Also, many people help neither themselves nor the economy by overspending with money that they don't actually have…

Surviving The Credit Crunch

Financial upheaval is the leading cause of divorce, suicide, anxiety and depression. And as the economy has declined over the last few years, so their has also been an increase in the number of people becoming addicted to prescribed medication, alcohol, cigarettes or illicit narcotics - as  'quick fixes' are sought.  However, it does not have to be like this. We do not have to suffer silently or to turn to chemicals to numb our pain. You do not have to remain powerless to circumstances or to your emotions.

Re-gain Control With My Sunny Mind

Many people do not realise that difficult times are also an opportunity for personal growth. While we do not have any control over governments or banks, we do have control over our own lives and how we choose to feel. Two people may have almost identical lives, yet only one may worry about the economy or their personal financial situation. We know therefore that it's not the actual events in our lives that cause us to feel greater distress, but our own negative thought patterns that surround these events. This My Sunny Mind MP3 combines proven relaxation and stress-busting techniques with well researched strategies for coping in times of financial crisis.  This download operates at the subconscious level where all our fears and insecurities originate. It will enable you to re-take control, take responsibility and maintain a positive emotional state in the face of adversity. Successful people choose to feel good and look forward, and you can to. So take action, change your mindset, move forward and let My Sunny Mind relax those  economic blues today!

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**Coping with Economic Anxiety & Financial Stress. A Guided Visualization Meditation Hypnosis.**

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