Balanced Life Series

If My Sunny Mind were in the fashion business, then the Balanced Life Series would be our Springtime collection! But of course anytime of the year is a good time to treat yourself to a tantalizing change. Think of our Balanced Life Series as a ’spa for the mind’ and find yourself feeling relaxed & revitalizedrefreshed & confident.

Many people do not realize that visualizations are simply just a good thing to do as part of a daily / weekly routine (rather then them being used to address negative behaviors). So rather then waiting for that great leap forwards, instead, choose now to take the first little step today with My Sunny Mind’s ‘Balanced Life Series’. Relax & Let Go… Cleansing Rain... spring Clean your Mind… Rejuvenate the soul… Live Consciously... and increase your Inner Power.

All six MP3 audio digital downloads available together for only $39. Click here. Are you ready?