Inner Power

This MP3 audio download uses guided visualizations, neuro-linguistic-programming, and the latest enhanced suggestion techniques, as repeated listens effortlessly boast your confidence and increase your inner-power!

It's time to unlock your inner power

Imagine now having the power to go for anything you want… Imagine now being able to tap into that treasure trove of powerful resources you hold deep within your subconscious mind. Research has revealed that sometimes there is less then a 2% difference between a winner and a runner-up in a sporting competition… and many believe that that difference is in the mind - i.e. the belief one has in their own inner power. World leaders, business leaders, sporting stars and famous actors all share an unbreakable confidence in their ability to succeed. They weren't born like this... successful people have developed the 'confidence habit' where they see obstacles as new possibilities… and new possibilities as a call to action, so motivating them towards further success. 

Let go of excuses and achieve powerful results

Do you want results, or do you want to believe and except your excuses? Without excuses their would only ever be results in life. Most people in life are at 'effect', yet real power lies with those who are at 'cause'. Which side of the equation are you on? The responsibility for change lies with you - no one can create the results for you - only you can do that. By listening to this My Sunny Mind Inner Power download you'll be indicating to the universe that your ready to put yourself at 'cause' and to begin the process of reclaiming back your power!  

Increase your inner power with My Sunny Mind

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and actuality. When we imagine something to be happening, it is exactly the same as it happening for real! For this reason, guided visualizations become highly effective ways of increasing ones confidence by addressing relevant issues, lowering anxiety levels, re-focusing ones outlook and creating an internal environment of positive self-talk. So let yourself drift off into this empowering beach and sea scene where the might of the ocean waves are anchored to your breath. Breathe in their power and breathe away any self doubt, and feel your self-belief and inner confidence increase. 

Inner Power is now also available as part of the Balanced Life Series. The BLS comprises of 6 healthy feel good visualizations and costs only $39. Click here.


"Every time I listen to your Inner Power download at home in my living room I end up falling asleep… I thought well at least it's relaxing if nothing else. But I'm also finding these days that I'm more confident and outspoken at work to. Perhaps a co-incidence but intriguing also, so thanks for that." (Wayne, Gloucestershire, England) (more testimonials)

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