Focussing particularly on the mind-body-spirit connection, this MP3 audio download is full of soothing visualizations of health, relaxation and regeneration. Embark upon a blissful journey that realigns the balance and harmony that modern life is so very good at upsetting. 

Feel refreshed and rejuvenated today

Relax and rejuvenate in your very own secret garden as the flowers bloom, the songbirds sing and the clouds drift lazily by… Imagine yourself smiling up at the sun and embracing its energy - it's healing rays nourishing your spirit as you let go of all that is holding you back. Your spiritual well-being has an impact on your mental well being which has an impact on your physical well being. So let the warm sun refuel you, while at the same time dissolving away your frustrations, fears and anything else that has been causing blockages.

Create a tuneful balance in your life

From now on you choose to be nurturing, kind and gentle to yourself. You see the advantages of moderation and of taking things easily. You decide now to live well and to do so with joy and elation. Standing in the sun you feel at one - at one with the universe and at one with the wildflowers that grow freely wherever they want. You are growing and evolving  and moving forward in a responsible way - able now to create a world that is right for you - feeling alive, vital and ready to achieve your aspirations. Your mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony - so creating a tuneful balance in your life. In your hidden garden your realise your hidden potential and you decide that now is the time to open up and to allow the world to share your inner beauty. The inside out…

Relax and replenish with My Sunny Mind

Sit back, relax and spoil yourself with this 25 minute MP3 My Sunny Mind Rejuvenate download which refreshes the body and mind to leave you feeling inspired and spiritually replenished. 

Rejuvenate is now also available as part of the Balanced Life Series. The BLS comprises of 6 healthy feel good visualizations and costs only $39. Click here


"Thank you very much for the Rejuvenate download - wherever I go, whatever I am doing , whatever difficulties I go through I always have that special place where I can go - and no one can take that away as it's only me that is aware of this special sanctuary! Your download is brilliant and just the tonic I need." (Sarah, Paganhill, England) (more testimonials)


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