Relaxed Flying Series

“I’m amazed it’s taken so long for relaxed flying downloads such as these to become available, because listening to them they just seem so easy and natural. And best of all, they work!”  Simon (Denver, USA)

“Oh my, I got hold of the ‘Relaxed Take-Off’ MP3 and really wasn’t expecting much… but what do I know. That was the easiest takeoff ever. Thank you guys!”               Joel (Brighton, UK)

“Until discovering My Sunny Mind my only experience of flying visualizations were the classic hypnosis beach / summer-lake type. Not anymore. My Sunny Mind have really created a game-changer here with their Relaxed Flying Series. Maybe it is possible for me to fly confidently after all.” Janine (London, UK)

"Charles is a miracle worker! For years, I was afraid to fly on airplanes. This fear prevented me from seeing my family overseas. After working with Charles and listening repeatedly to the Inflight Relaxation MP3, I now LOVE flying and have traveled extensively. Thank you My Sunny Mind!" Sandy (Calgary, Canada)

In the hustle and bustle of 21st century living where international travel is common and considered 'normal', there are none-the-less a surprising amount of people who suffer from a fear of flying. Whilst these fears can be triggered by world events, childhood traumas or irrational thinking (how many times have you heard that airplanes are "the safest form of transportation"?), the deeper unifying cause is usually abnormally high anxiety levels held within the subconscious mind.

Anxiety or stress can manifest in many different ways and can sometimes even develop into full blown panic attacks. Seemingly rational people can turn into dithering wrecks onboard an airliner. Or more often, reluctant passengers suffer silently from increased heart rates, hot or cold flushes, erratic breathing or strong desires to run off the plane as negative images pollute their minds!

Tested on real passengers on a number of different transatlantic flights these nine (yes 9!) downloads are on the cutting edge of modern audio self-help technology. They utilize what is actually happening both within us and outside us on the aircraft at any given moment to leave the nervous flyer feeling secure and comfortable. Using a combination of mindfulness, NLP and guided visualizations these relaxing downloads extinguish negative thinking and instead fill the mind with more soothing thoughts. The subconscious mind is reprogrammed and re-assured into feeling safe, comfortable and even happy to fly. So simply sit back, put the head phones on and let yourself drift off on a beautifully relaxing flight. 

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“Charles I’m so happy you asked me to test out your Relaxed Flying Series on my recent trip to Europe - you know I’m not the most comfortable of flyers. Well I have to say your “Mindfulness Flying” download just blew me away. - But in a calm, trancelike, peaceful way!!! I can’t recommend this or your other downloads enough. I will certainly be keeping them on my iPhone for future trips.”  Jessica (San Francisco, USA)

“I was dreading a business trip I had to make earlier this year because it involved a long haul flight so Charles suggested I test out his “Relaxing Journey” MP3 - asking me to listen to it a few times leading up to the flight. I was somewhat skeptical, but because he’s a friend and I was quite nervous I thought I’d give it a go. And do you know what? It actually worked - my travel day was most easy! I was still nervous the night before flying but when I woke up the next morning I just felt calm and at ease. Nothing about the airport or the flight seemed to phase me like on previous trips. Thank you Charles and best of luck with these downloads - not that you’ll need it.” Samuel (Santa Monica, USA)

Fly happily today with My Sunny Mind!