A Very Relaxing Journey

This 24 minute MP3 audio download was created specifically to be listened to in the weeks or days leading up to a flight. It is a classic guided visualization which takes the listener on a relaxing journey from the moment they wake up on travel day, to arriving and checking in at the airport, to the actual flight itself (including both taking-off and landing) to finally driving away from the airport feeling both happy and relaxed.

Real life aircraft and airport sounds

“A Very Relaxing Journey” uses an array of real life audio sounds  to really give the listener the impression that they are traveling. Sounds of airports, actual pilot & air steward announcements, and real aircraft cabin & engine sounds have been used to create a powerful and beneficial experience.

Reframe your mind and fly confidently

Traveling can be a joy. By creating consistent pictures in our mind of how we would like our day to be then we will travel with ease. Only you can allow particular thoughts to live in your mind, and how you think determines how you feel, and how you feel influences how you behave. You can learn to choose your thoughts with awareness of their power. “A Very Relaxing Journey” creates a moving picture in your mind of everything on your travel day being exactly as you want it to be… And this picture embeds at the subconscious level - serving as an attracting force - which then relaxes you and gives you confidence the next time you travel.

You can also purchase “A Very Relaxing Journey” as part of the ‘Relaxed Flying Series’ which is now available for only $39: Click here. Travel with joy with My Sunny Mind. 


“I was dreading a business trip I had to make earlier this year because it involved a long haul flight so Charles suggested I test out his 'Relaxing Journey' MP3 - asking me to listen to it a few times leading up to the flight. I was somewhat skeptical but because he’s a friend and I was quite nervous I thought I’d give it a go. And do you know what? It actually worked - my travel day was most easy! I was still nervous the night before flying but when I woke up the next morning I just felt calm and at ease. Nothing about the airport or the flight seemed to phase me like on previous trips. Thank you Charles and best of luck with these downloads - not that you’ll need it.” Samuel (Santa Monica, USA)


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