Calm Landing / Easy Turbulence / Relaxed Take-Off

All 3 of My Sunny Mind's most innovative onboard visualizations available together for only $17.

FAA regulations now allow the use of smart phones, laptops & tablets during take-off and landing (as well as flight cruising mode) on most airlines. The ramifications of this of course is that nervous passengers are now able to listen to calming visualizations and meditations at all times onboard. A Calm Landing, Easy Turbulence & Relaxed Take-Off have been produced to be listened to during such times of flight stress. From the moment you board the aircraft to the moment you disembark, let a soothing English voice guide you into a confident and tranquil state of mind. With each one of these MP3 audio downloads running at approximately 8 minutes in length, its now possible for ALL passengers to relax and enjoy their journey.

Fly happily today and always with My Sunny Mind!

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