Easy Turbulence

Turbulence can strike fear into even the most confident of flyers. Bouncing around in an aircraft high above the clouds is not a natural environment for us human-beings and during such times we feel helpless and we worry. This MP3 audio download has been created specifically to be listened to onboard during such moments and so soothe any fears. Running at just over 7.5 minutes in length it can be listened to once or repeatedly to alleviate anxiety. 

Fly fearlessly during turbulence

“Easy Turbulence” uses a combination of mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing, thought-reframing-visualizations and a progressive relaxation to leave the nervous passenger in fact feeling confident and able to deal with any discomfort.  Download this MP3 onto your smart phone, tablet or lap-top (whichever one of these you take onto the aircraft with you) and if / when you experience any turbulence simply put your headphones on, press play and let a calm gentle English voice relax and guide you into a far more positive state of mind. 

Remain in control during turbulence

‘Easy Turbulence’ has been recorded over a backdrop of actual cabin ambience which makes it ideal for listening at home prior to departure to increase one’s confidence even more. By listening to this and the other My Sunny Mind downloads prior to departure you are training your mind to deal with any future anxiety in a healthy way.

We’re so convinced and excited by this MP3 download that we will give you a complete refund if in any way you’re not satisfied with it. “Easy Turbulence” can also be purchased as part of the entire ‘Relaxed Flying Series’ (That's 9 flying downloads for only $39!) Click here. Fly gently today with My Sunny Mind.


“I’m amazed it’s taken so long for relaxed flying downloads such as these to become available, because listening to them they just seem so easy and natural. And best of all, they work!”   Simon (Denver)

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