Inflight Relaxation

Sometimes in mid-flight the minds of uncomfortable flyers can run rampant with all kinds of undesirable thoughts. Incorporating the latest research in neurological suggestion, this 25 minute audio download is unique in that it actually utilizes what is happening on the plane at any given time to leave the nervous flyer feeling comfortable, calm and able to fly with ease. 

How you can relax and fly positively

A great deal of visualizations claim to put you in a better state of mind when you fly, but in fact all they do is briefly distract you with vague imaginings of scenarios that have nothing to do with the flight you're on or the discomfort you're experiencing. Eventually many listeners see through this and return to negative thinking. “Inflight Relaxation” is different in that it uses what is undeniably happening within the aircraft cabin at any given moment to put the passenger in a more resourceful and relaxed state. These mind-switching techniques are based upon Ericksonian and NLP ‘re-framing’ techniques, where negative experiences can be changed to more positive ones by simply adjusting our perspective.

How to best use this relaxed flying audio download

"Inflight Relaxation" was created to be listened to on your smart phone, tablet or computer when the aircraft is at altitude and in cruising mode. However, it can also be listened to a number of times with great effect before your actual flight - so allowing the subconscious mind to absorb and integrate all the positive suggestions in the run-up to your journey.

Are you ready for the most relaxing flight of your life?

“Inflight Relaxation” is also available as part of the “Relaxed Flying Series” (That's 9 flying visualizations for only $39): Click here.  Feel confident, relaxed and ready for an easy journey today with My Sunny Mind!


"...For years, I was afraid to fly on airplanes. This fear prevented me from seeing my family overseas. After working with Charles and listening repeatedly to the Inflight Relaxation MP3, I now LOVE flying and have traveled extensively. Thank you My Sunny Mind!" (Sandy, Canada) 

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