Relaxed Take-Off

For many nervous airline passengers the moments preceding take-off and then the actual take-off itself are the most uncomfortable when flying. It is at this time when we transition from the ‘relative’ safety of the ground to giving up control in a high-flying metal box at odds with our human instincts! You can now remain positive and calm with My Sunny Mind’s “Relaxed Take-Off” audio download.

Preparing for take-off

Thanks to recent FAA regulations many major airlines now allow people to use their computers, tablets and smart phones during take-off. With a running time of just under 8 minutes this MP3 download has been recorded specifically to be listened to once you’re onboard and sitting in your seat preparing for departure. Instead of fidgeting nervously you can now relax and remain calm and at ease.

How to relax during take-off

This guided visualization - which incorporates a great deal of mindfulness - actually utilizes what your experiencing onboard to leave you in a far more resourceful state. The download also has plenty of gaps so you’re able to pause and listen to any cabin announcements or procedures; and best of all, it has a section which guides you through the actual take-off! You’ll be prompted to play the runway section just as the aircraft begins to accelerate, and as it does a soothing English voice will continue to keep you relaxed and calm as the aircraft climbs safely into the sky. 

We’re so convinced by the effectiveness of our “Relaxed Take-Off” MP3 download that we will give you a complete refund if for any reason you are not satisfied.

“A Relaxed Take-Off” is also  as part of the ‘Relaxed Flying Series’ collection for only $39: (That's 9 easy flying visualizations for only $20) Click here. Be at ease when you fly with My Sunny Mind!


“Oh my, I got hold of the ‘Relaxed Take-Off’ MP3 and really wasn’t expecting much… but what do I know. That was the easiest takeoff ever. Thank you guys!” Joel (Brighton, UK)

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