Subconscious Flying

Understanding why we are afraid to fly will help in conquering such fears.

A 'fear of flying' lesson

A number of ‘fear of flying’ courses educate us about the mechanics of flying, how aircraft are built and how weather patterns are formed. By increasing our understanding of flying/aviation then so it becomes normal or routine. This audio download goes a stage further and sheds light on the workings of the subconscious mind and how our flying fears manifest from deep within it. By simply being more conscious of how we function we can put ourselves in a more positive frame of mind to fly.

Fearless flying & the subconscious mind

With a running time of just over 10 minutes “Subconscious Flying” explains how during times of high stress - such as having to fly - deeply rooted negative patterns of thinking are triggered by the subconscious. However, by increasing are awareness and educating ourselves as to how the subconscious operates during times of stress, then so we’re able to put ourselves in a more resourceful state and fly easily. Listen to it a few times at home before you fly and let all the insights sink-in deeply. We guarantee you’ll have a more pleasant flying experience. Fly wisely tomorrow with My Sunny Mind.

Subconcious Flying available now also as part of the Relaxed Flying Series.

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