The Booster Buster Pack

Do particular areas of you life need boosting or busting?


In the continuing hustle and bustle of modern life you're a very lucky person these days if something isn't affecting you adversely. In fact, we can consider ourselves most fortunate if we only  have a few issues to deal with. Relationships, loss, job, finances, health, politics and the environment we live & work in can all cause us varying amounts of upset and anguish. While we may all experience similar life events, we all react differently, and further, many of us require different remedies. What might cause panic for one person may cause someone else to reach for a cigarette. While some of us may suffer from a lack of confidence, others know that exercise would make them feel better (if only they could get motivated). And some of us react simply by yearning for some moments of calm, perhaps to re-assess their goals at work and in life in general. And some even ask: "Others don't drink or eat unhealthily, so why do I?" So why do YOU..? We're all different, we're all unique and we are all brilliant. NOW is the time for YOU to take back control and move forward.

Using a combination of NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming), Mindfulness, Suggestion Therapy, Guided Imagery and Ericksonian Hypnosis, the Booster Buster Pack comprises of ten innovative visualizations which address many of the common issues we face and gets us back to a more powerful, resourceful state. These visualizations have been tested one on one, with hundreds of clients in clinical settings in both the United Kingdom and the USA. Particular attention has been spent on the power of the words used and the tone of their delivery.

Relax. Listen. Change. 

And perhaps most importantly, these MP3 downloads only average about 6-7 minutes in length so they're most convenient for those with a busy lifestyle. The economy of change. So choose now to devote a few moments to yourself everyday and you will notice the difference.

All ten MP3 audio downloads available together for only $20 (that's only $2 for each one!) Boost or Bust?! Click here to buy.

"...Charles is passionate about his work, deeply intuitive, professional, caring, creative, and excellent at identifying and loosening inner obstacles you may not even know are there..." Mitra, (Culver City)