Healthy Heart Visualizations.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups. Almost 650,000 Americans die every year from heart disease - that's 1 in 4 of all deaths, or one person every 37 seconds. Furthermore, the costs of heart disease are enormous. It is forecast that $200- $250 billion will be spent this year alone on heart care health care services, related medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

None of us need reminding therefore that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance. However, the news is not all bleak! We can dramatically improve our health - both naturally and cheaply - by simply making better choices and developing better habits

A little exercise, a better diet, a longer sleep AND regularly going into a deeply relaxed state (meditation!) will have a tremendous impact on your health. 

Studies have shown us the benefits of deeply relaxing. We know that high stress levels can lead to a number of adverse effects, including such things as the common cold, decreased brain power, sadness, and more ominously: strokes and heart failure.

Relaxation is good for lowering stress which in turn means that…

Relaxation is a very effective way of boasting our immune system.

Relaxation is good for memory and brain power.

Relaxation increases happiness.

Relaxation is good for the heart. 

Relaxation lowers the risk of stroke

Relaxation gives us better judgement.

Furthermore, research has also shown us that visualizing positivity while in this relaxed focused meditative state can have a profound effect upon our lives. The mind-body connection is a strong one and devoting a little time to relaxation / meditation can be a very effective way of re-aligning ourselves and gaining greater balance and harmony.

For the first time My Sunny Mind is now offering its Healthy Heart Visualizations. A positive health pack of 4 exquisite guided-visualizations that have been specifically produced to calm your soul and strengthen your heart. Imagine a life where your blood pressure and cholesterol are low, where stress is not an issue, and a life where you find yourself: sleeping well, eating well and exercising well. Imagine a life where unhealthy negative behaviors are a thing of the past!

When listened to over time these 4 MP3 audio downloads will ingrain positive healthy suggestions at the subconscious level, so leading to a happier and healthier YOU.  

Furthermore for a limited time, upon buying "Healthy Heart Visualizations" we will send you a lovely piece of heart jewelry FOR FREE which you can wear proudly yourself or give to that special someone. This delightful silver-plate piece can be used as a reminder of the positive choices you've made to take back control of your health and life.

And finally, for every Healthy Heart Visualizations Pack we sell, we will donate $2 to the American Heart Association.


Take charge of your health today with My Sunny Mind. :o)

We're so sure that you will benefit from these visualizations that if in anyway you're dissatisfied with them, then simply let us know and we'll give you a complete refund.

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