About Us

"Many days, weeks and months have been spent over the last couple of years in the production and creation of these MP3 downloads. Particular attention has gone into the science of the language used, the kinesthetic tone of the voice and instruments, and the space of the music and melody as it weaves in and out of our consciousness. I believe that producing a good self-help MP3 is in fact a craft. My downloads are therefore NOT the mass produced 'McFactory' type which claim to help just about every issue out there, yet in truth off very little in terms of ambience and scripts used. These downloads have been tested on real people with real concerns in Europe, North America and also 40,000 feet above the Atlantic ocean! In this journey from creation to conception I have found myself hitting my head against the wall (proverbially speaking of course!) to jumping with joy and excitement as I've found exactly the right word or musical note. If listened to regularly I truly believe that these downloads will leave people feeling inspired and transformed. Enjoy!" (Charles Whobrey, 2015)

After graduating in Economics from the London Guildhall University, Charles then spent the next 10 years working in the music industry in the U.K. and Europe - eventually specializing in the production of relaxation and ambient music.  In 2005 after qualifying as a Master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic -Programming (NLP)   Charles opened his first clinical hypnosis practice in England.  Striving to learn even more about this rich and varied subject in 2007 Charles began training at “Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training” (CPHT) - an accredited centre of excellence in hypnosis - under the brilliant mentorship of leading U.K. hypnotherapist David Newton. In 2008 Charles successfully graduated from CPHT and was awarded his certification and diploma in ‘Clinical Hypnosis’ (DHP/NCFE Level IV: UK). In 2009 Charles relocated to Los Angeles where he currently runs a successful clinic in Venice Beach. In 2011 he studied Mindfulness at the world renown Insight LA. Charles is a fully insured and certified member with the National Guild of Hypnotists in the U.S.. The NGH aims to achieve the highest standards in hypnosis, and Charles adheres to its strict code of ethics and conduct.