Listen now.

The My Sunny Mind MP3 files are available to immediately download.

To download you will need an internet or wi-fi connection. Since you are reading this, there's a very good chance you are online right now and so have a suitable internet / w-fi connection!

Once you've downloaded an MP3 file to your device, then it can be listened to at anytime -even when you're in places where you do not have an internet / Wi-Fi connection. 

You can download our MP3s immediately to any Mac or PC.

You can download our MP3s immediately to any Android device.

It is not possible at this time to download an MP3 directly to an iPad or iPhone or iPod. You must first download the MP3 to your Mac / PC (onto iTunes) and then "sync" with your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

After purchasing, you will be given (and emailed) a link showing you how to download your MP3s. It is very easy to download your MP3s in a matter of moments.

Happy Listening.