Frankincense Boswellia Frereana (Organic)

Often referred to as the “King Of Frankincense”, Frankincense Frereana has tremendous physical and mental benefits:

  • It supports the immune system and relieves respiratory issues. Frankincense Frereana has powerful antiseptic properties that fight the harmful microbes that cause bronchitis, congestion, sinusitis, coughs and other respiratory tract infections. Furthermore, Frankincense Frereana facilitates healthy, easy breathing.
  • Frankincense promotes the regeneration of healthy cells and the maintenance of existing ones. It is cytoplactic – so many people successfully use it for skincare. It is most effective in soothing itches and rashes, smoothing wrinkles, and protecting dry, damaged or scarred skin. Furthermore, it’s also very effective as an antiseptic on cuts and wounds.
  • Frankincense Frereana is a wonderful aid to meditation and relaxation. Firstly, it assists in achieving a calmer, deeper, slower breath; secondly, it increases focus; and finally, it helps clear negativity and any feelings of worry or anxiety. It is indeed a great stress reliever!

Also known as ‘Maydi’, Frankincense Frereana comes from the mountainous regions of northern Somalia. It has a very clean pine like aroma with a bold deep undertone and a hint of citrus. Once a precious and rare commodity, it was used a great deal in the Middle East by Ancient Empires (such as the  Eygptians / Pharoahs who used it for embalming) all the way to Shamanistic and more secular cultures. Many believed that burning it allowed them to communicate with the gods. Frankincense was seen by some as a representation of light, connection and energy.

Frankincense is harvested by slashing the bark of Boswellia trees and allowing the resin to ooze out. (This rather milky resin is referred to as “al lubin” (the Arabic word for milk). This resin then hardens into a form that is known as “tears”. In ancient times, these “tears” were considered ancient drops of sunlight!

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How to use:

DO NOT USE UNDILUTED. Frankincense Frereana and ALL Essential Oils should be properly diluted before any application.

Massage Oil: add 2 - 5% in the carrier oil of your choice. (DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN UNDILUTED)

Chest Rub: add 5 – 7% in the carrier oil of your choice.

Compress: add 7 – 10 drops in a bowl of water.

Facial Steam: add 2 – 3 drops in a bowl of hot water.

Baths: 7 - 15 drops per bath.

Respiratory Inhalation: 5 – 7 drops in a bowl of hot water

Room Spray: add 1 – 2% in spray base.

Meditation: add 3 - 5 drops in a diffusor

Frankincense Frereana mixes very well with myrrh, citrus, black pepper, chamomile and lavender essential oils.


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Additional Info

Botanical Name: Boswellia Frereana
Common names: Frankincense, Maydi, King Frankincense
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Color: Light yellow
Appearance: Liquid, mobile
Country of origin: Somalia
Origin: Wildcrafted
Botanical family: Burseraceae
Plant part used: Resin
Odor: Resinous, woody, pine, citrus


Chemical Composition

The main compounds of this essential oil are: Alpha Pinene / Sabinene / Limonene / Myrcene



Essential oils are concentrated and should be used with caution.

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

Never use it undiluted.

Frankincense Frereana Essential oil can cause skin irritation in some people, it is highly recommended therefore to perform a test before any prolonged use.

It is recommended that people with asthma and epilepsy consult a doctor before using.

Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or elderly.

Do not use on or with any child under 3 years of age.

If you SUFFER from ANY medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using.



Frankincense Frereana Essential oil is complementary in nature and is in no way intended to cure any diseases or illnesses. If you have any doubts we suggest you consult a physician before using.