Subscriber Plan Download Info

If you have subscribed to either our monthly or yearly access plan, then email me HERE or at to let me know which titles (/visualizations) you require.

Your visualizations will be sent to you in the form of MP3 files

I will send you your titles within approximately 8 hours, and probably a great deal sooner then that.

I will send you your titles via*. You will receive an email via WeTransfer with a download link in it directing you to your MP3 files.

Upon receiving the link, the My Sunny Mind titles are available to immediately download in a matter of moments. You have 7 days after receiving the WeTransfer link to download your files, before the link expires. 

(To download to your computer or device you will need an internet or wi-fi connection.)

You can download and listen to our titles on any Mac or PC.

You can download and listen to our titles on any Android device.

You can download and listen to our titles on any iPhone or iPad. 

If you wish to download DIRECTLY to your iPhone or iPad then you will need to get (if you haven't done so already) the Apple "Files" App. This app is FREE from the App Store. It takes less then a minute to install on your iPhone. The Apple "Files" App conveniently stores and plays MP3 files on your iPhone. 

Alternatively, another way to keep a permanent copy of our visualizations on your iPhone or iPad, is to first download the MP3 files to your Mac or PC and onto iTunes. You then "sync" your Mac/ PC (iTunes) with your iPad, iPhone (or iPod).

Furthermore, if you have subscribed to our annual plan then I can email your client(s) the visualization(s) DIRECTLY via WeTransfer. Simply let me know which titles you wish them to have, and their email address.

Once you've downloaded (or synced) one of our titles to your device, then it can be listened to at anytime -even when you or your client are in places where you do not have an internet / Wi-Fi connection. 

Happy Listening. :o)

*If you have a preference for a different delivery method other then (Google Drive? DropBox? etc) then email me and let me know.