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(If you've chosen the annual plan and you want me to email the visualizations directly to your clients, then let me know which visualizations and the recipients email.)

Here's a reminder again of our catalog:

1. Relax & Let Go

2. Stress-Less

3. The Panic Buster

4. Coping With Economic Anxiety & Financial Stress

5. The Calm Booster

6. Mind Clean

7. Rejuvenate

8. Inner Power

9. Conscious Living

10. Cleansing Rain

11. Lose & Manage Weight

12. The Eating Buster

13. The Smoking Buster

14. Stop Smoking Now

15. Inflight Relaxation

16. Relaxing Journey

17. Mindfulness Flying

18. Heart Care 101 (Healthy Habits)

19. Reduce Cholesterol

20. Reduce Blood Pressure

21. The Exercise Booster

22. The Drink Buster

23. Destination: Relax

24. Relaxed Take Off

25. A Calm Landing

26. Easy Turbulence

27. Anger Buster

28. Career Goal Booster

29. Hand Awareness Meditation

30. Confidence Booster

31. Study Booster

32. Driving Range Coach

33. Aircraft Ambience

34. Subconscious Flying

35. Tango Now

Bundles (prearranged combinations of the above titles addressing specific issues):

35. The Anti Anxiety Pack

36. The Relaxed Flying Series

37. Balanced Life Meditations

38. The Booster Buster Pack

39. The Healthy Heart Visualizations

40. Stop Smoking Forever

41. Lose Weight

Thank you again for joining the My Sunny Mind family. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues or just want to say "hello!"

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