Calm Landing

Are you one of those passengers who get a little nervous when the aircraft begins its descent? Be relaxed and calm instead with this 8.5 minute audio download that has been recorded specifically to be listened to as the aircraft begins its descent and then lands. 

New FAA regulations makes flying more enjoyable

Thanks to the introduction of recent FAA regulations most airlines now allow passengers to use their smart phones, tablets & computers during take-off & landing (as well as in cruise mode). With this My Sunny Mind “Calm Landing” download you’re now able to listen & relax rather then shifting uncomfortably in your seat. Simply listen to this relaxing visualization when the plane begins it’s descent and feel at ease!

How this audio download relaxes you during landings

Set against a soothing back-drop of the relaxing hum of an aircraft cabin, this download uses a combination of mindfulness, relaxed breathing techniques, conscious thinking and simple distraction as a calm voice guides you into a more beneficial and resourceful state. Unlike many flying visualizations which have you imagine beaches / gardens / lakes etc My Sunny Mind’s “A Calm Landing” actually utilizes what is happening on the aircraft to put you in a more empowered state.

My Sunny Mind is at the forefront of inflight meditations/visualizations and we will quite happily give you a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with this product or you find something that is more effective.

“A Calm Landing” is also available as part of the the entire ‘Relaxed Flying Series’ (That's 9 flying downloads for only $39) Click here. Fly happily tomorrow with My Sunny Mind!


“Until discovering My Sunny Mind my only experience of flying visualizations were the classic hypnosis beach / summer-lake type. Not anymore. My Sunny Mind have really created a game-changer here with their Relaxed Flying Series. Maybe it is possible for me to fly confidently after all.” Janine (London, UK)

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