Balanced Life Meditations

"Thank you My Sunny Mind, these meditations are soooooooo relaxing" Michelle, Virginia

"My husband bought this for me for me and it was like having a home spa with the oil and relaxing music. I definitely recommend this." Tracey, Minnesota

If My Sunny Mind were in the fashion business, then the Balanced Life Meditations would be our Springtime collection! But of course anytime of the year is a good time to spoil and nurture yourself. Think of our six Balanced Life Meditations as a spa for the mind - after listening, you will find yourself feeling relaxed & revitalized… 

Regardless of any presenting issue or negative behavior more and more people are beginning to realize that meditating and visualizing are simply a good thing to do as part of a daily or weekly routine. Science is continually reminding us about the healthy benefits of meditation: a happy outlook, an uncluttered mind, a calm disposition all put us in a more resourceful state. 

Furthermore, during these more stressful Coronavirus times we're being advised (and many of us even ordered) to stay at home and socially isolate. But this doesn't mean we can't still 'experience' that day at the spa: the Balanced Life Meditations will leave you feeling similarly refreshed & empowered... 

In addition to the 6 meditations, for a limited time, we will also ship for free to any customer who purchases the Balanced Life Meditations, a 10ml bottle of soothing Rosemary Creek Frankincense Frereana Essential Oil. This oil is great for meditation and relaxation and also helps with respiratory disorders and skin care. You can read much more about it HERE. Use it in the bath, or as a rub, or in a diffusor... whichever way you choose will leave you feeling even more balanced and blissful... 

And furthermore, we will also include a lovely silver-plate heart/star necklace or bracelet with your meditations and essential oil. (See pics). These delightful silver-plate pieces (designed in the UK by our good friends at Peace of Mind) not only look wonderful, but also serve as a reminder of your desire to transform and expand as you follow your bliss. 

"Relax & Let Go I would say is just about most relaxing meditation I've ever listened to. And Mind Clean is just out of this world!" Lisa, New Jersey

"I have one less reason to leave the house now that you've bought the health club to me. Thank you My Sunny Mind." Amanda, Encino

Read more My Sunny Mind testimonials HERE.

So rather then waiting for that great leap forwards, instead, choose now to take the first little step today with My Sunny Mind’s ‘Balanced Life Meditations’:

1. Rejuvenate  Full of soothing imagery of health, relaxation and regeneration, embark upon a blissful journey that beautifully realigns your balance and harmony.

2. Mind Clean - Recharge your batteries… dissolve negativity… create space… love love love... Let My Sunny Mind take you on a wonderful meditative journey from your inner heart to the outer universe. We are one.

3. Relax & Let Go One of our most popular titles, this incredibly relaxing visualization uses soothing suggestions, ambient music and modern relaxation techniques to leave you in a deeply calm and relaxed state. 

4. Inner Power - Imagine having the confidence to be the real you. Imagine being able to tap into the treasure trove of powerful resources we all hold deep within our subconscious mind. And all you need to do, is sit back, relax, and... listen.

5. Cleansing Rain - One of my favorite childhood memories is lying in bed at night and listening to the soothing rain as it led me into a gentle slumber. So relaxing, not a care in the world...

6. Conscious Living - Drift off on this meditative seminar about the workings of the subconscious mind. You'll see that when we live consciously we’re in a far more resourceful frame of mind and have much greater control over our lives.

7. Frankincense Frereana Essential Oil - is the perfect complement for respiratory issues, skincare and deep meditation.

8. Necklace / Bracelet - If you have a preference for either the heart bracelet, the love necklace or the star necklace then let us know at check-out, otherwise we will select one for you. They're all lovely!

Relax & Let Go… Cleansing rain... spring Clean your Mind… Rejuvenate the soul… Live Consciously... and increase your Inner Power.

Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent slumping economy I'm now offering all six meditations, the 10ml Essential Oil and the piece of jewelry for only $36! That's over $100 worth of bliss for only $36! (Shipping is FREE.) Are you ready to be pampered and relax? :o)




DISCLAIMER: Essential oils should be used with caution. Never use them undiluted. Furthermore, Frankincense Frereana Essential oil, AND these meditations are complementary in nature and are in no way intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any illness, disease or condition. If you have any doubts we suggest you consult a physician before using or listening. 

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