The Booster Buster Pack

Anger. Calm. Confidence. Drinking. Eating. Exercise. Career Goals. Panic. Smoking. Study.


The Booster Buster Pack addresses key areas in our lives and was created to be listened to during those actual moments when you literally need to BOOST or BUST an emotion. Averaging 6-7 minutes in length, these 10 visualizations use the latest self-help mind techniques including: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Solution Focused Brief Hypnosis and Suggestion. These MP3 Downloads will quickly leave you in a much more positive and resourceful state.

Furthermore, the Booster Buster Pack can also be listened to in your quieter and more focused moments. People are often surprised at how positively they react in negative situations after a little bit of daily mind training. Regularly strengthening the subconscious mind to deal with any debilitating scenarios that may arise in the future is always good thing!

My Sunny Mind is ready, are you?

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