Calm Booster

Imagine yourself right now being in a state of total calmness…

And now imagine yourself sometime in the future living a happy life where you are always feeling calm and peaceful.

The Calm Booster is a new kind of guided visualization that was created for the sole purpose of being listened to during those actual moments when you want to spoil yourself with utter calmness! At just under 7 minutes in length, it works quickly to leave you in a much calmer and blissfully peaceful state of mind.

With the Calm Booster you will be able to feel calm both in the moment, and ultimately always in your life.

The Calm Booster is an MP3 file that can be easily downloaded to your phone, ipad or computer, which means that it is always there for you. If you find yourself seeking a little peace and quiet or feeling a little stressed, then sit down, take a few breaths and give it a listen. It really is that simple.

We guarantee its benefits. If for any reason you’re not happy with it then let us know and we’ll give you a complete refund.

Furthermore, listening to the Calm Booster regularly has long term benefits! People who frequently go into a calm meditative state notice the positive impact in their lives. Relaxation is a most effective way of re-aligning ourselves and gaining greater balance and harmony. Using a combination of mindfulness, suggestion, progressive relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing techniques and guided imagery the Calm Booster will relax you deeply.

Its relatively short running time means that it is ideal for the busy person whose time is at a premium.

Don’t delay, be calm today!

The Calm Booster is also available as part of the Booster Buster Pack and The Anti Anxiety Pack.

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