Coronavirus Hand Awareness Meditation

As an added precaution from catching Coronavirus, the WHO (World Health Organization) have advised that we avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible - especially with unwashed hands. 

A great deal of our negative behaviors our unconscious, so quite often we find ourselves scratching our face or rubbing our nose / ears etc before we realize we're even doing it! This visualization takes such behavior from our subconscious to our conscious mind, so giving us more awareness of our hands and actions..

The Coronavirus Hand Awareness Meditation is a high quality audio digital download. It runs at just over 8 minutes in length.

For best results listen to it somewhere where you won't be disturbed, ideally lying down or sitting comfortably, and with headphones on if you have some. 

In an effort to quell this virus right now I'm only charging $1.49 for this visualization. (The $1.49 covers my admin and transaction fees)

Be conscious today with My Sunny Mind!

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