Lose Weight

Repeated listens of this MP3 audio download will recondition the subconscious part of the brain so assisting you in developing healthier habits around food. Approximately 30 minutes long, this download utilizes the latest mind-visualization techniques so enabling you to easily lose and manage weight. 

What weight management research tells us

This MP3 download is the result of many hours spent studying and working with people around the world who wanted to, and did indeed, lose and manage weight. Research shows us that people put on weight because they have developed unproductive habits around food. Essentially, successful weight control comes down to 3 key areas:

1) People ‘comfort’ eat to deal with emotions. 

2) People eat unhealthily and at the wrong times.

3) People lack the motivation to exercise. 

We comfort eating

Emotional hunger cannot be satisfied by food. Sometimes we have underlying issues in our lives which cause us to eat more. Many people have problems with confidence, self-esteem, sadness or anxiety - and eating then becomes a form of comfort or distraction. Ask yourself: “Am I really hungry or do I just want to change the way I feel?” . While a late night chocolate bar may make you feel better in that moment, in the long term it just adds to the problem and re-enforces negative emotions. 

We have unhealthy attitudes around eating

We live in an increasingly busy world and as a consequence many people eat the wrong kinds of food for the sake of convenience. Compounding this is the fact that an unstructured or hectic schedule invariably means we find ourselves also eating at the wrong times of day to suit our lifestyle rather then our bodily needs.

We can always exercise a little more

Many people also lack the time and motivation to exercise, or the willpower to change. On average, overweight people walk almost half the distance per day then somebody else.  Quite simply put, people lack the positive goals which more successful people are continually aiming towards.  

Control your weight with My Sunny Mind

This My Sunny Mind 'Lose & Manage Weight' MP3 is a tremendous way of re-aligning our goals and breaking negative habits. It uses powerful mind visualization exercises, that communicate directly with the subconscious mind, so instilling a new set of behaviors and patterns and a greater self-confidence. It utilizes elements of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and enhanced suggestion techniques that create a greater self-image through positive mental language or self-talk - crucial elements in any change work. This MP3 restructures the way that the brain reacts to negative triggers and instead replaces bad habits with a new positive behaviour.  

Repeated listens of this My Sunny Mind audio aid will begin the process of designing a new set of beliefs, so ultimately enabling you to live a healthier, happier life.