Mindfulness Flying

Mindfulness is a wonderful way of observing and so lessening the intensity of any negative thoughts and emotions around flying without actually becoming stuck in them.  When we accept that a fear of flying is simply an irrational behaviour and nothing more, then so we will fly with greater ease…

At last, an original mindfulness flying download

The My Sunny Mind “Mindfulness Flying” download is on the cutting edge of audio self-help technology. Simply put, there is nothing else out there on the market quite like this. This download, which runs at 16 minutes in length, directly uses mindfulness techniques in the setting of an aircraft cabin. It has been created to be listened to while the aircraft is airborne and cruising at altitude. This visualization can also be listened to during take-off and landing. Put on your headphones, press play and immediately feel more composed and at ease onboard...

Flying mindfully

The “Mindfulness Flying” MP3 download follows the classic mindfulness structure of directing our attention to first our breath, then our body, then our emotions and finally to our thoughts - and all of this is done within the context of traveling on an aircraft and what the passenger will most likely be experiencing onboard at any given moment. This is a truly one of a kind product and we’re so convinced that it will leave you feeling peaceful and at ease on your flight that if in anyway you’re not satisfied we will give you a complete refund

Begin your relaxing journey at home

Some people even listen to the My Sunny Mind ‘Relaxed Flying’ titles in the comfort of their own home before traveling so that all the positive suggestions embed at an even deeper level… “Mindfulness Flying” has been recorded over the actual soothing sounds of an airplane cabin to give the listener a true experience of how relaxing flying can be.

“Mindfulness Flying” is also available as part of the entire ‘Relaxed Flying Series’ which can be purchased for only $10: Click here. Fly mindfully today with My Sunny Mind!


“Charles I’m so happy you asked me to test out your Relaxed Flying Series on my recent trip to Europe - you know I’m not the most comfortable of flyers. Well I have to say your Mindfulness Flying download just blew me away. - But in a calm, trancelike, peaceful way!!! I can’t recommend this or your other downloads enough. I will certainly be keeping them on my iPhone for future trips.” Jessica (San Francisco, USA)


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