Reduce Blood Pressure: a guided visualization / meditation / hypnosis / audio download to help you lower blood pressure naturally.

Reduce your blood pressure naturally with My Sunny Mind!

Do you remember the last time you went to see your doctor and they took your blood pressure. They probably said something like... "just relax, take a few breaths...". Well the reason they said this... is because it WORKS!!!

Simple relaxation techniques have been proven to reduce blood pressure which in turn positively impacts health.

For me, high blood pressure runs in my family, and I've been a borderline candidate for some years now. However, I keep it in-check by meditating regularly, breathing deeply and by visualizing the inner peace within me. We all have that inner peace. It is just a case of tapping into it...

This MP3 audio download is a compilation of all the powerful visualizations, affirmations, metaphors and neural network changing language I've successfully used on myself. So I invite you to accompany me on my very own personal journey as I go deep inside and address my own blood pressure.

Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed and listen to the words that helped me. After repeated listens you will find similar positive changes beginning to manifest as your subconscious creates for you a healthier body template. For me personally, "guided visualization" have proved to be the most effective and natural drug free way of treating hypertension and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level.

Reduce Blood Pressure is just under 17 minutes in length and can also be purchased as part of the Healthy Heart Visualizations Pack.

**Reduce Blood Pressure: a guided visualization meditation hypnosis MP3 audio download to help you lower blood pressure naturally.**

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