Relax & Let Go

Relax & Let Go now with this pleasurable MP3 audio download which uses soothing suggestions, ambient music and modern relaxation techniques to leave you in a deep state of peaceful bliss as you devote a little part of the day just to you.

Utter relaxation

Many people enjoy relaxing. Simply going into a calm, focused meditative state regularly can have a profound effect upon our lives. The mind-body connection is a strong one and devoting a little time to relaxation can be a very effective way of re-aligning ourselves and gaining greater balance and harmony.

The healthy benefits of relaxing

Studies have shown that continued high stress levels can have a number of adverse effects. The common cold, heart failure, strokes, decreased brain power, sadness, poor sexual performance, acne and hay fever are just some of the things which have been connected with higher stress levels. Research has also shown  that (breast) cancer patients who underwent pre-op relaxation and hypnosis sessions had faster recovery rates post-op.

Relaxation is good for lowering stress which in turn means that…

...Relaxation is a very effective way of boasting our immune system.

...Relaxation is good for the heart. 

...Relaxation lowers the risk of stroke. 

...Relaxation is good for memory and brain power.

...Relaxation increases happiness.

...Relaxation gives us better judgement.

...Relaxation can help with skin conditions and allergies.

...Relaxation helps us sleep.

...Relaxation increases our libido!

Relax and let go today

Approximately 30 minutes long, this My Sunny Mind download is best listened to while lying down or sitting on a comfortable arm chair. It uses the latest in enhanced relaxation techniques and guides the listener into a state of peaceful bliss. Many people have also used this audio-aid in bed to assist them in drifting off into a deep and long sleep. There are tremendous benefits in just 'switching off' and relaxing deeply. Go ahead and spoil yourself with this MP3!

Relax & Let Go is now also available as part of the Balanced Life Series. The BLS comprises of 6 healthy feel good visualizations and costs only $39. Click here 

Relax and Let Go is also available as part of The Anti Anxiety Pack.


 "2 weeks ago I was completely stressed out. Since then I've listened to Relax & Let Go every day and now I'm super chilled. Respect to My Sunny Mind. :)" (Doug, Santa Monica, USA)

"Thank you so much for the My Sunny Mind MP3s, I just wanted to say how wonderful they are. I like the recording style and your voice in the background. I suffer from insomnia and I listened to the 'Relax & Let Go' one several times and found myself falling asleep easily. It is very powerful!" (Lorraine, Rodborough, England) (more testimonials)

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