Stress Less Stress Relief: A guided visualization / meditation / hypnosis / audio download to help you destress and stressless today.

Drift off on a fantastical voyage to the deepest avenues of your subconscious mind and literally turn down your stress production levels, so finding yourself in much calmer, serene and resourceful state of mind. 

Research has shown us that continued high stress levels have a number of adverse effects: a weaker immune system, heart disease, brain functionality, sadness, sleep, memory, sexual performance, skin conditions and allergic reactions are just a few of the many things that have been connected to higher stress levels.

Furthermore, we've also found that people can react quite differently in similar scenarios. Two people may have almost identical lives and experiences yet one may find themselves with much higher stress levels then the other.

It is not then the actual events in our lives that cause us to feel stress, but our own personal thought patterns around those events.

Combining proven relaxation and stress-busting techniques such as N. L. P. (neuro linguistic programming), hypnosis, guided visualization, ambience and enhanced breathing techniques - Stress Less operates at the subconscious level where all those fearful pattern and insecurities originate. Repeated listens will enable you to re-take control, take responsibility and maintain a positive emotional state in the face of anxiety. 

Approximately 18 minutes long, this MP3 audio download is best listened to while lying down or sitting on a comfortable arm chair (ideally with headphones on). A soothing English voice will guide you into a state of peaceful bliss as all the "change work" is done at the subconscious level.

You can read a copy of the Stress Less Script here.

You can hear a sample of Charles' here.  

Let Stress Less Stress Relief help you take back control today!

Stress Less can also be purchased as part of The Anti Anxiety Pack or the Healthy Heart Visualizations Pack.

 "I've been listening to Stress Less for about a week now and its really getting me back to my old self. I can't under estimate how great it is to get some kind of control over stress rather then have it controlling me..." (Josh D, Venice, USA)

"Thank you so much for the My Sunny Mind MP3s, I just wanted to say how wonderful they are. I like the recording style and your voice in the background..." (Lorraine, Rodborough, England) 

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